Who we are

We are a movement of people and partners campaigning for a global financial system that works for all and is democratically controlled.

Citizens for Financial Justice is a diverse group of European partners – from local grassroots groups to large international organisations. Together, we aim to inform and connect citizens to act together to make the global financial system work better for everyone.

We are funded by the European Union and aim to support the implementation of the Sustainable development Goals (sDGs) by mobilising EU citizens to support effective financing for development (FfD).

Our aims
Citizens for Financial Justice

Icon our partners

Grant-funded projects are at the centre of our work. We currently have 37 grant partners across 15 European countries.

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Icon how we are managed

Citizens for Financial Justice is managed by six European non-governmental organisations (NGOs) – Christian Aid, Counter Balance, erlassjahr.de, Eurodad, Financial Justice Ireland and ODG.

We are also supporting our partners to develop and strengthen their work on Financing for Development (FfD), reach new audiences and create new opportunities for citizen action.

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Icon our funding

Citizens for Financial Justice is funded by the European Union’s DEAR programme (Development Education and Awareness Raising). You can find out more about DEAR here.


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