Protected: Updated Financial Guidance for Grant Partners

2 September 2020|

Updated financial guidance for CFJ grant partners

Date: 2 September, 2020
Organisation: Citizens for Financial Justice

In order to adapt to recent global developments and implement learnings from throughout the CFJ project, it was necessary to update the financial guidance for Citizens for Financial Justice grant partners.

You should have received a version of this at the start of your project. We have now added to it to take into account what we have learnt from the first two years of reporting, as well as the two expenditure verifications we have experienced so far.

The updated version provides more details on the documentation and evidence of expenditure required for financial reporting, and also contains a new section on Covid-19 and what to do if you have incurred costs for meetings that subsequently were cancelled or travel that couldn’t take place.

Please download and review the updated guidance even if you have completed your project and submitted your final report, as it contains important points about document retention until 2028.


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