The report analyses EU and national financial support for corporate internationalisation.

Date: 6 April, 2020  | Organisation: OMAL  | Theme: 
  • Private finance

OMAL’s new report analyses the financial support granted to Spanish companies by the EU and Spanish government to aid their internationalisation strategies. The report assesses the lack of effective procedures to guarantee compliance with human rights legislation when it comes to the activities of such companies’ internationalisation activities.  The report goes on to present alternative proposals to prevent, monitor and account for the socio-environmental impacts associated with the global expansion of multinational companies.

The goal of the report is to contribute to the improvement of knowledge around financial mechanisms and public/private responsibilities – both in terms of states and of large companies – that consolidate social and environmental injustice. Additionally, the report seeks to argue that public policies should prioritise the fundamental rights of the social majority and serve to stop a global socio-ecological crisis.

Read the full report (Spanish)

Read the summary with infographics (English)