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Watch PACD’s New Video to Learn What Debt Is and Whether You Should Pay It

18 May, 2020
Organisation: Platform for Citizen Debt Audit (PACD)
  • Debt

PACD's latest video explains what debt is, where it comes from and whether we need to pay it....

Coronavirus Reveals How Irresponsible Capitalism Fails Us

5 May, 2020
Organisation: Christian Aid

When this is all over, let’s not forget how irresponsible free-market capitalism failed us....

Read Bretton Woods’ 2020 Springs Meetings Dispatch and latest Issue of The Bretton Woods Observer

24 April, 2020
Organisation: Bretton Woods Project

Catch up with the latest publications from the Bretton Woods Project....

Read OMAL’s New Report: Fondos Públicos, Negocios Privados

6 April, 2020
Organisation: OMAL
  • Private finance

The report analyses EU and national financial support for corporate internationalisation....

Coronavirus Has Revealed the Undeniable Absurdity of Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance

26 March, 2020
Organisation: Christian Aid

That governments lose $500bn–$600bn a year to corporate tax dodging is more difficult to stomach than ever....

Read Plateforme Dette et Développement’s New Paris Club Handbook

20 March, 2020
Organisation: PFDD - Plateforme Française Dette & Développement
  • Debt

The Paris Club handbook provides information and analysis needed to better understand the Paris Club...

Read Counter Balance’s New Report, Corridors as Factories

10 March, 2020
Organisation: Counter Balance
  • Infrastructure

In Corridors as Factories, CFJ partner Counter Balance takes an in-depth look at the state of logistics today...

PSI is helping union leaders learn why unions and their workers must better understand sovereign debt

11 February, 2020
Organisation: Public Services International
  • Debt

Workers can no longer pay the bill of reckless speculators and irresponsible governments....

New UN Panel to Look at Illicit Financial Flows and Financial Integrity

28 January, 2020
Organisation: Christian Aid
  • Private finance

It was today announced that the UN will launch a new panel designed specifically to target IFFs....

Isabel dos Santos Is Just the Tip of The Iceberg

24 January, 2020
Organisation: Christian Aid
  • Private finance

The Luanda Leaks are just one example of a much broader phenomenon....

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