War on Want

War on Want works to achieve a vision of a just world, through a mission to fight against the root causes of poverty and human rights violations, as part of the worldwide movement for global justice.

We run targeted campaigns, where we feel we add most value, against the root causes of poverty and human rights violation. We raise public awareness of the root causes of poverty, inequality and injustice, and empowering people to take action for change.

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice project

Overburden: mining and community resistance in Latin America

This project sets out to produce key advocacy tools with impacted communities and regional organisation OCMAL, which will:

  • analyse the role of UK and Canadian mining in Latin America, including value chains and investment flows for the mining industry;
  • detail the complex and transforming landscape of mining in the region, including the nature of conflicts, the impacts, the processes to defend and protect human rights;
  • and document community proposals to halt the expanding mining frontier.

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