Urgewald is a non-profit environmental and human rights organisation. For 25 years, Urgewald has been fighting against environmental destruction and for the rights of people harmed by corporate profit interests. Urgewald’s approach is to influence and ideally dry out the financing for destructive projects and sectors. Urgewald mainly works in the areas of energy and arms trade and runs a consumer campaign on banks.

Where we work: Germany (office), Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa

Focus areas: financing, insurance, public and private banks, arms trade, energy, divestment

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice project

Make multilateral development banks and export credit agencies Paris compliant

The project aims to improve the quality of financing for development and redirect funds and guarantees from unsustainable sources to more sustainable sources, which will help deliver on the SDGs, through:

  • awareness raising on the role of international financial institutions (IFI) for achieving the Paris agreement,
  • improved understanding of the dangers of a gas lock-in,
  • improved policies/practise in energy lending of MDB, especially EBRD/EIB and export credit agencies.

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