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Established in 2001, Trademark is a trade union-based organisation dedicated to tackling prejudice, discrimination and inequality through training, research, community and workplace interventions, and the establishment of cooperative enterprises in socially deprived areas.

Guided by the twin objectives of progressive societal change and making connections between local issues and global, systemic events and processes, we have gradually expanded our programmes to address the lack of knowledge and tools to analyse issues around political economy, namely globalisation, trade, financialisation, fiscal and monetary policy, development, alternative development and sustainability.

Where we work: Ireland, Britain

Focus areas: trade unions, community education, political economy, anti-sectarianism, anti-racism

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice project

Building capacity and educating for financial justice in a British, Irish and global context

A research- and education-based project on the role of British and Irish pension funds, with a particular focus on the nature of their investments and the role of British and Irish trade unions in these processes; and the financialisation of infrastructural development and public service delivery (e.g. housing) particularly in an Irish context. The project aims to target trade unions and communities in Ireland and Britain through new and existing education programmes.

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  • Trademark-ICTU, Twin Spires Centre, 155 Northumberland Street, Belfast, BT13 2JF
  • +4428 90 331 053