SODI – Solidarity Service International – works together with initiatives, projects and organisations in the global South with the aim to encourage emancipation and support the fight against all means of exploitation. In addition, we are active in campaigning and educational work in the Global North. SODI’s work is independent, critical, unaffiliated with any religion and dedicated to a peaceful future.

Where we work: Germany and global (through partners)

Focus areas: social and economic justice, inequality, sustainable solutions for the agricultural sector and climate protection, education on sustainable development

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice project

Power and powerlessness: how fair debt relief can lead to sustainable development

Within the project, SODI shows how power structures are interlinked with indebtedness. Through several panel discussions and local campaigns, the focus is laid, on a macro level, on how state capacities are affected by national debt. SODI further offers an insight on the impact of national debt on the lives of the people and unfolds and examines the concrete consequences of accumulation of state debt. Cooperation with partner organisations, mainly concerning the acquirement of in-debt information, plays an essential part in the project.

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