Friends of the Earth Ireland

Friends of the Earth Ireland is an environmental campaigning NGO working to shift the balance of Irish policy and practice in favour of environmental justice and sustainability at home and internationally.

Part of an international federation of 75 member groups, most of which are based in the Global South, we campaign for solutions to environmental problems that make life better for people, with a main goal of advancing public education concerning environmental sustainability and sustainable development for the purpose of advancing the natural environment for its own sake and the sake of present and future generations, in particular people living in poverty in the Global South, who depend so directly on nature’s resources for their lives and livelihoods.

We promote public understanding and appreciation of environmental issues facing Ireland and the world, research and analyse environmental issues with a view to informing public debate on the search for sustainable solutions, and provide information and opportunities for people to take action to further environmental sustainability.

Where we work: Ireland and the Global South

Focus areas: climate change, plastic, community energy, grassroots activism, gas

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice project

Finance: fuelling climate change?

The financial system as it stands is fuelling climate change. Citizens feel disempowered to carry out meaningful action on climate change, because:

  1. A knowledge gap exists between Industrial Revolution models of development and climate change.
  2. The dominant solutions to climate change in the public discourse do not challenge the dominant economic model that is fuelling climate change.
  3. Individual action is prioritised over the actions of those who bear the historical responsibility for climate change.

Our objectives:

  1. Citizens are mobilised to take action on climate change through campaigning and advocacy.
  2. Improved capacity of Irish CSOs to raise awareness of development finance issues, engage in ‘deved’ around private finance, debt and climate change and to undertake advocacy and campaigning on financing for development.
  3. Citizens are educated on the connections between financial justice, global justice and climate change.

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  • Friends of the Earth, 9 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2, Ireland