Friends of the Earth Hungary

Established in 1989, Friends of the Earth Hungary includes more than 100 Hungarian environmental groups, which are represented in all counties of Hungary.

We are radical in our principles: we wish to draw decision makers’ and citizens’ attention to the drivers of environmental problems, by organising campaigns, professional events, in-depth studies and publications, and targeted lobbying.

Our activities include:

  • fostering the implementation of SDGs,
  • support of GM-free and environmentally friendly agriculture,
  • taking action against damaging infrastructural and industrial investments,
  • fairer global financial system,
  • promoting sustainable local solutions,
  • exposing polluting companies and the banks financing them,
  • mitigation of the effects of climate change,
  • increasing energy efficiency,
  • use of renewables,
  • and environmental education of citizens, especially young people.

Where we work: Hungary

Focus areas: environment, economic justice, climate and energy, biodiversity, SDGs, education

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice project

Just financial system for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

The aim of the project is to build a network for financial justice, especially on debt issues in Hungary.

Expected results:

  • Decision makers, NGOs, and active citizens are more aware,
  • and policy change is visible on debt issues in Hungary,
  • NGO community of the country is involved in finance for development activities.


  1. Capacity building: conferences, roundtables, trainings, publications, briefings
  2. Awareness raising: summer camp, exhibitions and local forums, media work, social media
  3. Advocacy: European campaigns, monitor commitments of the government, advocacy with decision makers, policy papers.

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Contact details

  • 1091 Budapest, Üll?i út 91/b
  • (1) 216-7297