EnaBanda is a collective working on research and cultural activities looking into challenging debt economy and strengthening thinking about degrowth.

On one hand, to question the limits of economic growth, within understanding of the challenges faced by society and environment, and, on the other hand, to note, analyse and catalyse dialogue about debt politics and policy proposals.

Creativity and the power of imagination inspire us to participate in numerous creative platforms: think pieces and opinion columns, studies, journals, books and films on topics like public debt, household indebtedness, international financial institutions, degrowth, etc.

We are involved in advocating for debt audit and open budgeting, as well as having participated in various meetings and (international) events on debt and degrowth as a participant, speaker or organiser.

Where we work: Slovenia/the CEE and the Balkan region

Our focus areas: debt economy, public debt and household indebtedness, degrowth

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice project

Let’s End Debt Dependency: Degrowth Everything, Everywhere

Our project aims to establish networking and strengthen the existing cooperation of activists and academia on questions of financial justice. The idea is to bring closer together the two interlinked communities, one working on debt and the other on degrowth.

Together, the discourse shaping through events, and the radio columns for greater financial justice, will play an important role in strengthening knowledge and raising awareness of development finance questions related to debt economy, and catalyse dialogue about degrowth policy proposals.

EnaBanda’s working stream will be also be research-based, looking at advocacy work on the national and international level that will focus on budget policy analysis, to strengthen capacities for advocacy and cooperation with public authorities. It will also give content on national budget information – on participation and oversight, and providing adequate opportunities for citizens to participate in the budget process.

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  • Društvo za kulturne in raziskovalne dejavnosti EnaBanda, Trg Prekomorskih brigad 1, SI – 1000 Ljubljana
  • raziskave@enabanda.si