Ekumenická akademie (Ecumenical Academy)

Established in 1996 in the Czech Republic, the Ecumenical Academy (EA) is an NGO with a vision of a socially just, sustainable and tolerant society. We work on human rights and finding solutions for economic, social, gender and ethnic inequalities.

We support alternative forms of economical democracy, such as social solidarity economy (SSE), fair trade, cooperatives. We also organise campaigns and events to raise awareness of these issues.  a founding member of many Czech social justice organisations and part of several international networks.

Where we work: Czech Republic and wider Europe

Focus areas: human rights, climate justice, food sovereignty, social solidarity economy, fair trade, alternatives, sustainable development, development cooperation, SDGs

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice project

Development needs debt crises solutions – awareness raising in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the topic of financing for development (FfD) and unsustainable debts of many developing countries is not present in the public or political debate. This project supports a broader and professional debate in the Czech Republic on how better FfD should contribute to the SDGs’ implementation, focusing on SDG 17 for having an important role in achieving other SDGs:

  • 17.2: ‘Developed countries to implement fully their official development assistance commitments’
  • 17.4: ‘Assist developing countries in attaining long-term debt sustainability’

The projects will focus especially on the problem and solutions of debt crises as a crucial problem for the development of many indebted countries.

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  • Ekumenická akademie, Sokolovská 50,186 00 - Praha 8 - Karlín
  • +420 272 737 077
  • ekumakad@ekumakad.cz