French Debt & Development Platform

The French Debt & Development Platform is a coalition of around 30 French non-governmental organisations and trade unions who work together for a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to sovereign debt problems in developing countries.

Since 2015, it has implemented a project entitled “Strengthening the civil society mobilisation for the follow up of Debt and Development Contracts” in five African countries (Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Congo, DRC, Guinea), to ensure full and comprehensive association of civil society organisations.

Where we work: France and globally

Focus areas: FfD, debt, French debt and development contracts (C2Ds), vulture funds, Paris Club

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice project

Paris Club Watch

35 years after the developing countries’ sovereign debt crisis, creditors of developing countries have largely diversified, and developing countries increasingly resort to private credit. It represents a challenge whether or not the Paris Club will be able to coordinate all the different creditors. With the support of CATDM France and Survie, PFDD will realise the project “Paris Club Watch”.

The project seeks to alert and mobilise both citizens and decision-makers about the risks of reproducing the errors of the past in regard to state indebtedness and debt relief. It will further inform about possible alternatives to resolve sovereign debt crises.

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