Bündnis Eine Welt Schleswig-Holstein (BEI)

BEI is part of the One World federal network of Schleswig-Holstein and an umbrella organisation of about 80 non-governmental organisations related to development politics in the German federal state Schleswig-Holstein. Since its establishment in 1994, BEI champions the creation of better conditions for development policies.

Roughly 80 member organisations stand up for justice and solidarity, with different focus points and political orientations. This includes development education and PR work, intercultural understanding, human rights, development cooperation and partnerships with countries in the Global South, fair trade, support of refugees and migrants, and climate and environmental protection.

Where we work: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Focus areas: fair trade, corporate social responsibility, global partnership and development, education, migration

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice Project

Development Needs Debt Relief

Supporting opportunities instead of debts for the global South, our project includes:

  • Networking: supporting debt relief network of development and financial sector.
  • Education: up to eight exhibitions and film events, target groups are schools and NGOs.
  • Campaigning: breaking down of big imaginary debt walls, 10 different media events, cooperation with local NGOs.
  • Conferences: two conferences, with participants from banking sector and civil society.

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Contact details

  • BEI, Sophienblatt 100 24114 Kiel Germany
  • info@bei-sh.org