Attac Aalen

Attac Aalen is a local member of Attac Germany, which is part of the international Attac network and the Alliance on Debt and Development Ostalb. We oppose neo-liberal globalisation and develop social, ecological, and democratic alternatives to guarantee fundamental rights for all.

We fight for the regulation of financial markets, the closure of tax havens, the introduction of global taxes to finance global public goods, the implementation of limits to free trade and capital flows in favour of fair trade, and the cancellation of debt in developing countries.

Where we work: Germany

Focus areas: debt crises, globalisation, inequality

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Our Citizens for Financial Justice project

One World – Debt Trap and Sustainable Development

With a series of events addressing both schools and the public, Attac Aalen will enhance the awareness of different aspects of debt. Within the project, we are displaying the political and social outcomes of debt crises in the affected countries, their impact on human rights and their tendency to boost pauperisation and inequality.

We promote alternative paths for avoiding and dealing with debt crises, including rules for responsible borrowing and a fair and transparent sovereign debt workout for states, in the context of what is needed for fair and sustainable development.

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