21 November, 2019

Event details:

When: The event will be held on 21 November, 2019 to 26 November, 2019, 
Where: Spain
Organisation: PACD (Platform for Citizen Debt Audit)
Theme: Debt
Summary: A four-day international meeting/festival for the Pincha Tu Deuda (pop the debt) campaign

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The Pincha tu Deuda project aims to raise awareness and disseminate the origins and causes of debt, inviting citizens to analyze, raise awareness and share its effect on daily life, as well as to acquire tools and organize to demand a transparent and participatory economy.

From Pincha tu Deuda we propose a space to think and debate how debt works and its oppressive mechanisms and how it affects us directly. A space to learn how debt can be managed in a transparent, democratic and participatory way through citizen audits, and how we can avoid paying a debt that we do not consider fair.

In order to generate these spaces for reflection and debate, we have developed a programme with a series of public actions, diverse and open to everyone, which will take place in different parts of the city of Madrid.

The Pincha Tu Deuda Festival is a four-day international meeting between Medialab Prado, the Espacio Vecinal Arganzuela and the Reina Sofía Museum on 21, 22, 23 and 26 November. During these four days there will be a series of open activities, alternating workshops with talks and meetings of festive nature, including people from different organisations and activists from different parts of the world.

The festival programme

21 November 4pm-9pm

Edition Marathon in Wikipedia Edit Your Debt – Medialab Prado [Auditorium] +info here

22 November, 7pm-9pm

Round table Debt, from the periphery, with Vicente Losada from Audita Sanidad; Berta Iglesias from Ecologistas en Acción – PACD; Alejandra Jacinto from Plataforma Afectados por la Hipoteca; Vincenzo Benessere from Massa Critica Napoli; Carlos Sánchez Mato, responsible for IU Economic Policies. In EVArganzuela [Sala Grande] +info here

23 November 11am-8pm

  • 11am-2pm Cook your Debt Workshop in Medialab Prado [Lab 0]. +info here
  • 12 midday-2pm Debt Paradise Workshop in Medialab Prado [Lab 1]. +info here
  • 2.30pm Popular food prepared by the workshop Cook your Debt in Medialab Prado [Patio].
  • 5pm Presentation of the video and repository Pincha tu Deuda, in EVArganzuela [Sala grande].
  • 6pm-8pm Round table Debt, a global vision, with Nicola Scherer from the Observatori del Deute en la Globalització; Broulaye Bagayoko from CADTM Africa; Abdul Khaliq from the Institute for Social & Economic Justice Pakistan. Presentation of the photographic project White Elephants, with Elise Fitte-Duval. In EVArganzuela [Sala Grande] +info here
  • 8.30pm Party Dj your Debt, in EVArganzuela [Sala Grande]

26 November, 7pm-9pm

Conversatory Debt, plural feminine in Museo Reina Sofía. +info here


For an economy that places people at the centre. Are you in? We can’t do it alone! More information about the project at bit.ly/pinchatudeuda

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The Pincha Tu Deuda project is co-financed by the Unión Europea through the European project Citizens for Financial Justice. With the collaboration of Medialab Prado, the Universidad Complutense deMadrid and the network Museo Situado (Reina Sofía Museum). Coordinated by the Plataforma Auditoría Ciudadana de la Deuda, Grigri Projects and Massa Critica Napoli.