7 November, 2019

Event details:

When: The event will be held on 7 November, 2019 to 8 November, 2019, 
Where: Salón de Grados of the Faculty of Economics and Business UPV/EHU of Elcano (C/ Elcano 21, Bilbo)
Organisation: OMAL
Theme: Infrastructure
Summary: International Conference on megaprojects, organised by Citizens for Financial Justice partner OMAL.

More information (in Spanish and Basque)

Public administrations are supporting business internationalisation. According to their analysis, this policy increases economic growth, employment and, in short, is the way out of the crisis. However, it is considered necessary to question this paradigm, especially when the State supports the participation of companies in megaprojects that have serious impacts on the lives of the communities and territories in which they are implemented. We are talking about pollution and socioenvironmental impacts, repression and criminalisation of the popular movement, corruption, massive displacements of communities, etc.

OMAL megaprojects conferenceTo try to open this reflection, we have organised this International Conference “Megaprojects, business internationalization and popular resistance”, which will take place on 7 and 8 November in Bilbo (Hall of Degrees of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UPV/EHU Elcano, c / Elcano 21).

We will have several concrete cases of megaprojects from Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, in some of which Basque transnational companies intervened in one way or another. And, based on these inputs, we will debate possible concrete policies to support business internationalisation, in order to think about alternatives in a collective way.

The Conference is organised by OMAL and Parte Hartuz and is supported by the Basque Agency for International Cooperation and by the EU through Citizens for Financial Justice.

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